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Monday, November 08, 2004

you have to be a little crazy

So it's always said that people that go into the field of psychology must be a little crazy themselves. I definitely agree with that. I mean, look at me! For anyone who knows me well, I certainly fit the profile. And my personal opinion...any shrink that appears normal is not one that I personally would trust anyways. Those are the ones that don't know what the hell they are talking about. Sure, they know the academic textbook memorizations of theories and techniques, but what about the actual experience? Empathy and true compassion, my friends...these are the most important keys when working in the mental health least in my opinion:)
So this morning I'm sitting in treatment team and we're discussing the new cases that were referred to our agency since last week. One case really grabbed everyone's attention...a teenage boy, originally orphaned in a foreign country, now in the States having been abandoned by his adoptive American parents. It's a very sad and heartbreaking story...this child has witnessed far more than any human ever should, and so my heart automatically went out to him (along with that of every other person in the meeting...bless my dear coworkers' souls...such goodhearted people). But then came the telling of this child's major behavior problems that have escalated to the point of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations and removal from numerous foster homes. So, at this point, everyone is still feeling empathy for the kid but nobody wants to work the case. But of course, I boldy ask if I may have the assignment (to which obviously no one argues), and then come the ensuing looks of amazement and confusion from the other therapists. You can read on their faces, "why does she want this case? is she crazy?" And the answers to those questions are: I wanted the case because we often forget that the outward manifestation (i.e. behavior) is merely an expression of the inner world (in this case, extreme trauma and turmoil). And yes, I am certifiably crazy....and damn proud of it! I wouldn't be able to do the work I do if I'd never experienced all those moments of my life that seemed insurmountable...and then made me stronger.
So, here's what today brought me....a deeper compassion for those unfortunate children that are living in this world emotionally alone, and a greater appreciation for the experiences of my life that have made it possible for me to help these children. Thank God I'm a little bit crazy!

Provoking thought for the day: what did today bring you?


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I love that you took his case.


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