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Monday, November 22, 2004

Division of a Country

The Pledge of Allegiance itself has become a contradiction, thanks to the world of politics. "One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." That one statement illustrates the sad fragmentation of our nation at present. Republicans are all about enforcing a nation "under God", yet many have no opposition to withholding liberty and justice for millions inhabiting this country. And Democrats like to preach about "liberty and justice for all", yet many verbalize extreme oppostion to being a member of a nation "under God". Both Republicans and Democrats are equally guilty in causing such extreme division as we find ourselves facing in this nation today. And yet how often do any of us step back and truly evaluate, in an unbiased manner, the ethics, morals, and policies of each party? We all become so encapsulated by the media's portrayal of what this Republican said, or what that Democrat did, that we often fail to see the personal reality of the individual Conservative or Liberal. Maybe if we took the time to step back (and keep our mouths shut for more than 2 seconds), we'd see that many Conservatives don't necessarily believe that abortion and conducting stem cell research on zygotes constitutes murder and that many Liberals aren't necessarily atheists. And I admit personally, that it is very difficult to view politics from an unbiased perspective; it's difficult to recognize the intracacies and nuances of individual political beliefs; and it is quite easy to see the nation in black and white (or more accurately, blue and red). Inevitably, there will always be difference of political opinions, but must we allow it to dictate our existence to such a point of division? And if we continue to insist on adamant opposition of the differing party, can we not at least have the awareness and respect to realize that one person's words or actions do not constitue the totality of a party. My final point is this: I am a proud Democrat, and yet I am not racist nor prejudiced. Yes, it was a Democrat that made derogatory and degrading illustrations towards Rice as new Sec. of State. But it was not me. Therefore, being a Democrat does not make me racist or prejudiced. To all those Republicans, was it you that stood in front of a nation on various occasions and spoke with ignorance and lack of compassion? No. Being a Republican does not mean that you lack the intelligence and grace with which to address delicate issues. So, instead of judging one another based on political affiliation, let us instead begin to truly see one another and to realize that I, nor you, are defined by politics...we are defined by the essence of who we truly are as individuals.


At 5:21 AM, Blogger doc-t said...

I love this....

Loooking at both the republican and democratic point of view and reviewing them objectively....

Not many peope can, or perhaps i should say, are willing do do this.

I'm impressed.


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